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Ya sadly that isn't likely to happen.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21644)
Posted on: 01-08-2020 11:46.
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The problem is we have pieces of shit on both sides. Make no mistake, the Ayatollah is a piece of shit just like other theocratic dictators. It's not like he was out of the loop on all these terrorist militias the military was training. Like most dictators he's self centered, egotistic, and so on. Hence why he and his other jerks have to respond to this to save face and can't just be the bigger men.

Then of course there's Trumplethinskin, the king of pieces of shit. He can never let an insult slide, he has to hit back at everything, everything is a personal slight, he has the world's most fragile ego. So he can't just ignore shit, he has to respond.

That is what makes it worrying is you have egocentric jerks facing off and that is where you can get a situation nobody wants, because they just can't back down.

I just hope that Trump can decide making twitter threats is enough to mollify him, but I won't count on it.