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Brady's contract is up. Wonder what his future will hold......
By:  MacHead (Greedy Capitalist; 14489)
Posted on: 01-09-2020 13:10.
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pudds scribbled on a napkin:

    New England did the same thing to the Jets with a delay of game followed by a false start. New York declined both penalties, but Belichick smirked on the sideline because he accomplished his mission.

FWIW, that's a bullshit trick, meant to a) hide the fact that the Patriots' offense isn't scoring enough points and b) so run the clock down so the opposition can't score again. Ask the 2007-2008 Giants how that worked in the Super Bowl. And the 2018 Dolphins last game.

MacHead- coming full circle
MACS RULE (especially Intel Macs)