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As an Astros fan, makes me mad......
By:  Citizen Z (OMG t3h bannz0red!; 16607)
Posted on: 01-13-2020 13:47.
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I mean, this whole scandal throws a dark shadow on their entire season and the success that follows. All the happiness of the win is tarnished. I spent my hard earned cash on Astros WS gear that I'm embarrassed to wear in public. Teams may be tempted to try this shit but its just not worth it, fans don't like it much less opponents and their fanbases... the win isn't worth the disgrace.

    Paul had 1,000 monkeys type:
    Someone explain to me how this is less deserving of a lifetime ban than Pete? They weren’t betting on their own team or something? They lost anyway? Everybody knows this is common or something

Edited by Citizen Z at 1/13/2020 1:48:30 PM

Lol, wut?