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Nice! Let me know how it goes.....
By:  Progressivebreaks (Grumpy Bear; 17245)
Posted on: 01-14-2020 09:52.
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It can be quite subtle really.. hitting those lower end frequencies.

You don't have to have it cranked up to sound like a "boy racer" (or whatever you guys call people that drive around in pimped up cars with stupid, over bassed sound systems!) to make it worthwhile.
(Not suggesting that you'd do this by the way; just that there's no way of saying "one doesn't have to" without sounding like the queen!)

It's the same with home cinema systems. I imagine people tend to over do it on the sub whereby it ends up sounding too bassy (bassey?).

Another mistake people apparently also make is taking the output of the sound card and feeding both the sub and speakers separately (without software controlling the split). This is potentially going to cause crossover frequencies and possibly phase inversion issues as frequencies might get cancelled out.

Edited by Progressivebreaks at 1/14/2020 9:53:21 AM