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DMing - always preferred that role.....
By:  Jed (The Damn Liberal Media; 7247)
Posted on: 02-06-2020 18:45.
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Running a hybrid 2e/3.5e modified Planescape setting. Half a dozen players, mix of old hands and complete noobs. We’re about a half dozen sessions in. It’s wonderful - everyone is loving it, and can’t wait for the next session, which is really gratifying.

And yes, I LOVE that tabletop in general and D&D in particular is having a moment. Thank you Stranger Things, I guess?

    Sydwyndir scribbled on a napkin:

      Jed imparted these words:
      Thought of you recently, as I’ve been playing D&D again for the first time in about 15 years. Having a ball!

      (You would disapprove, though - it’s not proper 1e AD&D... ;-)

    You DMing or just playing?

    Isn't the recent rise of the game so...cool? Like, you can buy D&D in general retail stores again! It's been what, 30+ years since that?