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Oh they are already explaining it away.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21142)
Posted on: 02-10-2020 20:51.
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It wasn't his fault he was addicted, it was the evil "western medicine" doctors that gave it to him, he didn't know the risks of benzos. He didn't go to Russia to get put in a coma because he couldn't handle the detox, he was detoxing normally then got put in a coma for pneumonia. Anyhow it doesn't matter because he wasn't PSYCHOLOGICALLY addicted to benzos, just physically, so he's not weak you see. The reason he eats his diet is to fight against the auto immune disease, it isn't the cause of it.

It's just like the Trumpets, their god can do no wrong, they'll find a way to explain away everything.