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So Xbox types, any games that are really worth looking at?.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21142)
Posted on: 02-11-2020 21:15.
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I got an Xbox One X because I naively thought it might help me with a tech problem I'm having. It doesn't of course, I like to ask things that are apparently impossible for technology. So now I'm trying to decide if I want to keep it or not. Reason to keep it would be to have something to play on the bike, or just when I feel like being on the couch and not in my computer room. Reason to take it back is it is $350.

So anything I should give a look at?

As for the tech problem: What I want to do is have my computer play games on my TV sometimes, and my computer room setup other times. Should be easy, is a continual shitfest. I have a long fiber optic HDMI cable to hook them up and when I get it all working, it works fine. But making it switch back and forth is a bitch, it continually has issues. You wouldn't think it would be hard but I guess my esoteric sound setup fucks with it or something.

So then I found out that an Xbox One can stream games from a PC. Ok, worth checking out, since that would solve the issue and of course it is a gaming console that I can play on itself. Ya. No. It works for shit. For one, Miracast requires WiFi, even if you try to run it in infrastructure mode which supposedly will use wired for the data, you still have to have a wifi card which my desktop does not have. So I try with the laptop. It works... like shit. I mean I can get it to connect, but it drops out and has issues. This is on a gigiabit network with nothing else going on. So no go there.

I don't understand why this is so hard, but man, wanting to display my PC in more than one place is just a bridge too far it would seem.