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There isn't.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21103)
Posted on: 03-19-2020 16:21.
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No matter how easy something is, some dumbass will complain and be unable to figure it out.

Like when we setup a capture room, one of the first, we had a pretty big budget and requirements to do a number of kinds of capture. So I spec'd out all the kinds of things we'd need, like a multiplexed HDMI switcher and all this. Then one thing I wanted was a control system with button panel that would be set up to have just a couple buttons to control things. Like "press this for computer capture, press this for laptop capture."

One of our guys, who was new and working on learning all this and taking over instructional tech from me, didn't think it was necessary. Just have instructions for the users, and let them control the switcher and mixer. I insisted no, it had to be "one button" simple, and the equipment had to be locked away. So we did it my way. End system had a panel for user control that had 4 buttons you used, one for off, and one for each of the three modes. They flashed a different colour when the system was off, and we had instructions as to which to push for which.

None the less, he got multiple calls of people unable to figure it out. One guy repeatedly wanted help when it was his class. He now makes sure everything is like that, one button simple.

I mean literally it can't be any more simple, but still some people refuse to turn on the brain.