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I'm sure some people were there because of need.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21101)
Posted on: 03-21-2020 12:43.
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I just have trouble seeing lining up for a general store.

I wanted a bag of lentils and a bag of chickpeas, which get sold out of everywhere immediately, even though I imagine most people have no idea what they'd cook with them. So I went to a small Turkish market near my place. White people rarely shop there, and they had all the dried and canned food anyone could want. Sadly they don't sell brown rice though, only white rice because their rice prices are wonderful.

There's also no way TP is still scarce other than hoarding morons. That stuff is being produced and shipped fast, and really there's only so much people go through. If it is still sold out, it is because someone is buying there 25th case and trying to figure out if they can cram it under the dining room table because the spare bedroom is full.