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Depends on the person.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21120)
Posted on: 03-22-2020 13:13.
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So someone who is thinking logically might want a gun to protect themselves and their family. This is true in general, and in this specific situation. Police response is never as fast as you want if someone is trying to break in and hurt you, and in a crisis like this, it could be delayed even more. So having the ability to defend yourself has some merit.

For the assholes, they are hoping it'll be a change to get their killin' on. They think it would be fun to kill an intruder and worse, many think they'd want to go out and BE the intruder. You see stupid posts that basically say if they run out of food, they'll go take it from people without guns. They are selfish assholes that feel their guns will allow them to be more selfish.

Then there are people that are just scared. They want to do something, they want to prepare, they want some power and see getting guns and ammo as a way to do that. They aren't really thinking why, they just do. Same thing as the person that already has 5 cases of toilet paper buying 3 more. Fear has overridden any kind of logic.