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By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21338)
Posted on: 05-18-2020 12:40.
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Tenneck got banned for being a Trump tard. It's sad, he was an very cool and level headed guy back in the day but apparently a black president was something that just could not be tolerated and he started to go crazy in the Obama days. When Trump got in office I made it clear that I would tolerate very little Trump bullshit and he crossed the line.

Phred was just always his flighty, angry, self but he got no support. People were sick of his game of pretending to not be right wing yet always seeming to take right wing positions and dumped on him. He also knew that I wouldn't tolerate much in the way of his crap so he just left.

Sadly, I don't miss either of them. I mean were they how they were 10 years ago I'd love to have them back but in modern times they had both become bitter, right wing, jerks looking for fights.