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Foam tiles and the like are more about acoustic treatment than sound proofing.....
By:  Progressivebreaks (Grumpy Bear; 17160)
Posted on: 05-20-2020 09:20.
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ie improving the acoustics within the room.

I don't know enough about this stuff either, but I have a friend who's an expert.
At some point I'll probably build a dedicated studio space here with floating room and acoustic treatment etc. but it's some time (and money) away as of yet.

The studio I was using for a couple of years in London was fully sound proofed and acoustically treated, and was a joy to work in.
Thankfully now at least I don't have neighbours (detached house) so for the first time in years I can blast music very loud without bothering anyone (including with a sub)!

Edited by Progressivebreaks at 20.05.2020 09:20:35