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I have an investor......
By:  Sydwyndir (Gun Toting Right-wing Goon; 8521)
Posted on: 05-21-2020 00:08.
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I didn't solicit this, I was literally just talking to a pal of mine who stepped up and offered to purchase some equipment, with an offer of ROI when the business gets rolling. He's doing well enough and considers it an "investment risk" if it doesn't pay off (but I'll give the stuff to him if things don't develop).

Anyway, he had me go shopping. Most of it's mundane stuff - HDMI capture solution, lighting, a boom for my Blue Snowball mic...but the centerpiece is this:


Panasonic Lumix G7. It's not for still photography, but is a good compromise between a full-bore (and very expensive) DV camera and an inexpensive (but...not great for these purposes) HD webcam.


Thank you, Gary Gygax.
I am not going to live in fear. They want my freedom, my peace of mind? Come and get it. - James Lileks, regarding al Qaeda, 09/11