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I have MBP from 2015, XPS from 2016, iPad Pro from 2020......
By:  JJJ (Moderators; 8374)
Posted on: 06-26-2020 14:13.
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iPad Pro is definitely the best for chilling on the couch. Doing any sort of work on it sucks (other than video calls). iPad OS is really bad as a productivity OS, in my opinion.

XPS touchpad kinda sucks and the typing isn't the best either. Also the 16:9 ratio is awful and the battery is starting to fade, so basically I'm squinting into a squished display that's really dim to preserve battery life. I think the new XPS has a better display.

MBP has a good combination of display and keyboard, but extended touchpad use for work isn't ideal. And I really don't like MacOS. It takes me probably twice as long to do anything compared to Windows 10. I'm just not used to it and maybe I don't know the appropriate shortcuts.

Really, I need a big screen to do my work, so I spend most of my time on desktops.