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didn't call the police on the guy acting strange on the street in front of our house.........
By:  P. Briscoe (Non running-dog anti-imperial anti-Bush unapologist name-changer; 23713)
Posted on: 06-27-2020 00:55.
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I was taking out trash about 10:30 PM I notice someone unloading a car on the street. No biggie. People move all the time in this neighborhood. But then as I was walking back up my drive, he hailed me.

"Yoo-hoo. Hey you. Hey Boss."
"Hey you know where Angel is at?"
He's right under the streetlight so I can see him clearly. He's shirtless; wearing a small backpack. Pants hanging low. He's an unhealthy type of skinny, furiously smoking and sort of marching in place in the middle of the street.

"I don't know any Angels 'round here. Sorry."

I go back inside. The lights are off in the front room so I peek out to see if he's still there, and sure enough he is. He continues to take stuff out of his trunk and set it in the street behind his car. It's what looks like about 12-15 random trash bags of clothing and other stuf. It looks hastily packed and haphazard like homeless possessions, but his car is a late model bright blue, shiny and quite conservative in appearance--like maybe a Honda Fit or something. Totally incongruous.

He finishes unloading, then slams the trunk shut, opens the driver side, reaches in and honks the horn. He doesn't lay into it; rather he taps it about 6 times. He's kind of got my attention now.

He walks up the neighbor's driveway. He appears to look into their car window. He then takes off walking across the front yards of the houses across the street. I'm getting knotted up. I race to another window to keep track of him.

Gets about halfway down the block. Then he turns around and walks back to the car, reaches inside through the open driver's window, and once again taps the horn lightly 4 or 5 times.

He continues pacing but all of the sudden there's this red blinking light on his chest. He's got some weird battery powered hazard light (shaped like a triangle) and he's fucking wearing it around his neck. Now his making weird whooping noises.

The pacing continues for about another 5 minutes. He randomly whistles and yells and it almost seems like he's talking in different voices--doing some sort of bit almost. Like it's something he had rehearsed inside his head.

I want so bad to ask him what the fuck on god's green earth he's doing and why is he dumping bags of trash on the street but I don't do anything. His behavior is so not right but so far not particularly threatening or violent. I take my phone out and wonder who I should call.

He walks up another neighbor's driveway almost all the way to the garage door. I open the phone app. I'm about ready to bite the bullet and call the cops. Fuck this strange creeper.

But then as if he could read my mind, he race-walks back to the curb and starts throwing the trash bags back into the trunk. Takes him about 2 minutes--there's a lot of bags. He is very thorough. Doesn't leave a thing on the pavement.

He get in the car, taps the horn 4 more times and starts the car. He guns the engine really hard, puts it in reverse and drives backwards way faster than necessary for about 100 feet. Then he stops and turns his lights on and just sits there in the middle of the street at an odd angle. Just sitting there for another two minutes. Finally he guns the engine again, slams it into forward gear and sails away at high speed. I watch the red tail lights swerve perilously close to the cars parked on the street. And just like that he's gone.

The whole scene lasted in about 25 minutes.

Fucking bizarre.