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Dallas Police: joking around and mocking guy dying (with their knee on his neck) was a "strategy." .....
By:  P. Briscoe (Non running-dog anti-imperial anti-Bush unapologist name-changer; 23692)
Posted on: 06-28-2020 23:27.
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Dallas PD kept the unarmed man down (who had actually called 911 on himself because he was freaking out on coke) for 14 minutes with a knee to the back. His face was buried in the grass and he died of suffocation.

Read the article. It's outrageous.

What's the deal with the knee to the back and other chokeholds that area applied for long periods of time while the cops exchange banter and talk sports? As with Floyd, this dude's feet and hands were zip-tied. He wasn't likely gonna bolt at that point

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