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Thanks guys. Record rainstorm for the city, apparently. 155mm / 6.12" in about 6 hours......
By:  pudds (Canadian; 17346)
Posted on: 06-29-2020 15:40.
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My in-laws live in a particularly bad part of the city: the lowest area on the wrong side of the hill where everything needs to drain across.

There's a lift-station that has to get the storm water up and over the rise so it can flow out to the river, and when the pumps can't keep up, the water just builds up on the street in front of their house. The 4 lane road in front was completely covered, about 6 feet up the yards (inc. theirs) on either side of the road.

We had two pumps in the sump hole, just barely keeping up, and 2 large shop vacs running all night to try and keep things at bay. I'd say we managed to do a pretty good job overall - without the pumping I'm sure they'd have had several feet of water in the basement, but instead we managed to bail out fast enough to keep it to only about a half inch, continually replenishing through the night.

The worst is over for now - the sump pump is keeping up on it's own now, and they are just trying to get some furniture out of the basement so things can dry out.

Unfortunately, we are under another severe thunderstorm watch for the day, so we could be getting more tonight.