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Random thought - seems to me like the "best" news sources are paywalled these days......
By:  pudds (Canadian; 17346)
Posted on: 06-29-2020 16:34.
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"Best" is obviously subjective, but lately I've been paying more attention than usual to the news down south, and it's very frustrating to find good sources.

CNN is open, but I find it very click-baity, and somewhat lacking in substance for the most part.

Foxnews is also open, but it's garbage, of course.

WaPo, NYT, WSJ - all pay-walled.

I wonder, how much of an effect have paywalls had on the quality of news that makes it to the average person? Sure, if you want one source of news, and you read regularly, a paid sub is probably worth it, but for the random browsers, looking for analysis of current events, what kind of effect does it have on the ability to be informed if it's walled off?