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It's my TV these days......
By:  pudds (Canadian; 17397)
Posted on: 07-28-2020 14:44.
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I'd call myself an active listener too - if I try to multitask (say, listen at work), I'll either be unable to focus, or I'll miss the whole podcast.

I listen with a single bluetooth headphone in my ear (or both for loud tasks), and I do it while I'm doing any kind of chore, like dishes, making dinner, or mowing the lawn.

They work well for me, because I can get non-mental stuff done while listening, and they are easy to pause and resume if I'm interrupted.

On average I'd say I listen to around 90 minutes of podcasts per day (my 3 daily news podcasts), with another few hours a week of one-off podcasts mixed in when I have time.