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They've taken that approach here in ABQ as far as I've heard......
By:  Paul (Moderators; 69548)
Posted on: 07-29-2020 13:33.
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...planned protests against the Feds via 'Wall of Moms' were instead channeled into "community action" days, where all those who would've marched or whatever instead showed up to staff food banks, homeless shelters, etc.

Super smart imo, though I was super impressed by how Portland handled the Feds, with leafblowers/umbrellas/shields. Amazing stuff.


“Don’t overplay. Don’t overplay. Less is more. It will always be: less is more. Nobody is ever going to remember all those fancy solos - even the guys that play them, most of them won’t remember - so play some licks that people can walk away humming, that people can identify with." --Steve Cropper