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what pricing? :D.....
By:  Ordeith (Moderators; 10428)
Posted on: 07-30-2020 15:30.
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Seriously, as we are in education everything we have on Azure so far has been free. We do pay for on-premise licensing (which we would have to pay anyway) that covers the Azure hybrid services we use. The security domain is seamless between the two. For that Azure has been very nice.

We would generate a cost if our on prem DC went down. Azure would spin up a virtual image of our DC to keep services alive and we would have to pay for the compute units and data that took. But that kind of redundancy is just insurance.

“Some governments will consider it too risky to have thousands of anonymous, untraceable, unverified citizens – “hidden people;” they’ll want to know who is associated with each online account and will require verification at a state level, in order to exert control over the virtual world.”
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