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Ya the end that doesn't matter.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21916)
Posted on: 10-13-2020 16:04.
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But seriously that was one of the dealbreakers when I looked at phones. I considered an iPhone this go around, particularly since flagship Androids are nearly as expensive and I'm not really tied to the platform. However there were a few dealbreakers and one is the lack of USB-C.

I have a bunch of chargers and cables that are C. Some cables are A-C for things like my car and computer, since my monitor is still an A device, some are C-C for my laptop and newer chargers. Either way, they are all good cables and chargers that I have no interest in replacing any time soon. They work with everything new.

But nope, Apple is still stuck on lightning, even though their claimed reason, reversibility, is completely solved by C. I don't want to have one device that needs a different charging cable form everything else.

I mean it is getting to be the case where EVERYTHING is going C. My Fenix flashlight? USB-C charging port. A damn flashlight, and it charges with USB-C.

I just find it real convenient to not have to fiddle around with changing out cables, so I'm not going to buy devices that aren't USB-C charging these days.