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It is a dick move because of how they are going about it.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21916)
Posted on: 10-14-2020 13:49.
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Like if they just didn't include anything and said "We don't include a charger, people can get whatever charger they want and use it," then ok, fine. It isn't included, that is just how it is. My flashlight is an example. No charger, you just have to get your own if you want one. What makes it so dick is that:

1) They don't include a charger, but DO include a cable.

2) The cable is one that is useless to most people with chargers, as it is a new and uncommon standard.

3) They still insist on using lightning on their phones, despite USB-C being the standard for everything else and dealing with the issue they claim necessitated lightning in the first place.

4) But most of all after all that crap the audacity to claim it is for "the environment" that they are doing it and not "for their pocketbook" which is the real reason.

I'm fine that various accessories aren't included with devices, not everything needs to have a full set of kit with it. But don't give me this faux environmentalism bullshit, particularly when you do other things to require people to have your standard, and include shit they don't need.