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I can, there is just too much scandal.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21876)
Posted on: 10-14-2020 14:08.
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Part of the problem in 2016 was that by making every Trump scandal news, people forgot about them. Every week was "Trump does new shit, Hillary does e-mails!" So people remembered Clinton's "scandal" but forgot Trumps. The key is to continue to focus on a small number of them that REALLY matter, like COVID.

I mean as bullshit as the unmasking thing is... it is pretty standard Republican faire, another Benghazi. Manufacture some supposed controversy, "investigate" it, and in the end nothing comes from it because it never was anything.

Shitty... But not all that news worthy next to a botched COVID response, voter suppression, and all that kind of shit.