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Couple things.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21916)
Posted on: 10-16-2020 16:33.
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One is probably hoping not to be a target. While Trump is petty as they come, he also has a really short attention span. So if he kicks you out and you keep your mouth shut, he'll leave you alone because he forgets about you. However if you keep attacking him, you are an enemy.

The second is I think they believe (correctly or not) that if he wins while they won't be back in the WH, they can stay a part of the Republican grift machine. Perhaps even if he doesn't. Have to keep quiet and see which way the wind is blowing though, can't go on the Trump attack before they know for sure that will be the way everything goes. After all even in a loss perhaps the party decides he's the "cult leader in exile" and everything stays around him.