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Sunk costs really. I agree with Sy......
By:  Paul (Moderators; 70671)
Posted on: 10-16-2020 16:45.
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And I also think these people are obviously cowards and are betting that if we wins they'll get to come back or something. Which is to say, they don't *really* object to who or what he is, and they are willing to be within the in-group in a potential fascist future state.

But if he loses... and they had at least come out ahead of time... I mean maybe you get a book deal or a recurring spot on CNN a la Santorum?

Put yet another way, seems they'd rather succeed in a fascist state than risk failing in a fair one.

My old man and I talked about it a long time last night, his disgust at the lot of them is palpable. Was telling me how embarrassed he was to have got conned by Reagan in 80, and how he felt that got us here.

Edited by Paul at 16.10.2020 16:47:02


“Don’t overplay. Don’t overplay. Less is more. It will always be: less is more. Nobody is ever going to remember all those fancy solos - even the guys that play them, most of them won’t remember - so play some licks that people can walk away humming, that people can identify with." --Steve Cropper