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And I mean the thing is.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21876)
Posted on: 10-16-2020 18:50.
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I'm 100% fine with our parents working from home more or less 100% of the time during this. I volunteered to be on site as I can do that easily. But the key is WORKING. Most of our job can be done remote. Personally if I were only doing my Tier-3/servers/networks/security job I would almost never need to be on premises. We just need some hands on scene for picking up stuff, putting things on the bench, etc.

But he doesn't do shit. He never logs in to the phone system (we use an AWS system that just forwards calls to a cellphone of your choosing, or lets you use your computer to answer), he's never in our Zoom meeting, he never does user tickets on the desk (which is how most of our stuff comes in). Only thing he'll do is build new system on the bench (we have a remote KVM) after I've physically put them on there. But that he slacks off on. It takes him WEEKS of them sitting there before they get dispatched. With all the automated tools we normally can turn a build around in hours.

That's my issue. I don't want everything to be equal. Equality isn't always fairness, particularly in a special situation like this. Those of us that can be on site need to do so for those that can't. I just want people who aren't to do their job and help out. He doesn't.