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We basically do like your PCs.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21916)
Posted on: 10-16-2020 23:44.
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System comes in, gets unboxed. Since Dell overcharges for RAM and SSDs, those get installed. I do these parts these days since I am on site. System goes on the bench, gets hooked to a Raritan Dominion KX3 KVM, which has full remote access, and turned on.

At that point it is his job to have them PXE boot our deployment. That installs Windows, drivers, and kicks off Chocolatey which then installs the standard software loadout. He then needs to install whatever additional software the user needs. We have a LOOOOOT of software variation and a lot of different programs so it wouldn't be feasible to have prepackaged "loadouts" since group to group it varies what they need. Then once it is complete, the user needs to come pick it up.

It is a fast and easy process, unless you have a dope that wants every piece of software under the sun. Some of the software can't be automated for install because it is fucking garbage so that can take longer. But that is rare. Most people you do the PXE boot, install a couple more packages using Chocolatey and then maybe install the one special software their lab uses manually.

The campus has no deployment or MDM solutions so we have to run things ourselves, which means we aren't going to go for anything too complex. SCCM is neat and all, but too much admin time to do when you have a group of just 7 people, of who only 3 are really server people.

But our simple system is quite fast and easy overall.