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He's not claiming it as time off.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21876)
Posted on: 10-17-2020 15:20.
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So the way we are set up right now there's two of us on site, 5 off. Being IT most work can be done remote so better that there are less people in the office for less COVID spread possibilities. He's one of the offsite people.

So there is nobody watching over his shoulder.

Then add to that the fact my boss isn't a hardass, which is one of the reasons I like my job. So ya, technically any time you aren't working, you have to take from your time bank or make up or whatever. But if you have to leave early to run an errand or whatever he doesn't go "Ok that had better go on your timesheet!" We are salaried employees so basically just get the job done.

That of course applies to WFH as well. It isn't like you have to be at your computer the whole time. If you run and do something, whatever, particularly since you can always have your phone with you and if you are in the house getting back to the computer is easy.

In general, it is a good work arrangement, but this guy is taking advantage of it and just not doing shit.