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I actually kind of like ansible......
By:  pudds (Canadian; 17539)
Posted on: 10-17-2020 16:00.
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I've only glanced at puppet so I can't compare, but I like how ansible uses desired state, rather than just a bunch of scripted commands.

For one of our projects, I created a playbook to deploy to a server, which basically just uninstalls the app, installs the latest, then either installs a service or starts it.

I didn't have to write a script to perform differently if the service already exists, I just created a service task that says this service should be running at the end, and ansible is smart enough to either start or install the service.

Once I got my head wrapped around the concept, it really clicked for me. I can use the same script to put an existing server into a desired state, or to install everything from scratch on a totally clean server, just by adding another server to the inventory.