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  • Do not post adult-oriented or offensive pictures. Give only a link and a large prominent warning for those who may be browsing at work.

  • Unregistered names are up for grabs; If you want to hold on to your name, then register.

  • Treat others in a civil manner and avoid flames except in designated areas

  • Administrators may ban you, delete or edit your posts, or otherwise do as they please. They may also choose to grant leniency to someone who has broken the rules or punish someone that hsn"t violated something specifically on this list. You are welcome to file a complaint with the ACLU, but I doubt they will care.

  • If a post of yours has been deleted, locked, or moderated down, attempting to repost it will earn you a one-way ticket to Bannsville

  • Refusal to give up a personal grudge you have against someone else, causing this silly grudge to manifest itself in every post you make is another quick way to get banned.

  • Use of the forums is a privilege. All submissions become the sole property of Ihateapple.net, including forum posts and emails.