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I have no plan for Iraq with the exception of isolationism. .....
By:  Zimmerman (Orphaned)
Posted on: 09-22-2004 17:45.
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The only way I can imagine we improve the US's world security sitation is to become isolationist like N. Korea. Given the structure of the US's economy, this is entirely impossible. I have absolutely no clue what solutions are a) possible, b)practical c)just. I am not a diplomat nor do I have any sort of training in collective bargaining and human psychology beyond what my economic training has allowed me. I lack the experience to make any sort of intelligent assessment.

    Catfish had 1,000 monkeys type:
    .....you get the first topic. What has been accomplished in Iraq.

    Never mind questions about civilian death toll, there has been no effort to quantify the deaths. However,you read "300 Iraqis is like 3300 Americans". Professor Cole said that 300 Iraqis is proportional to 3300 Americans but you are the debater here.

    What has been accomplished. What plitical parties are prepared to run in the January elections. How do we stop the insurgency in time to prevent muslim extremists from becoming so blended into the insurgancy that they can't be removed?

    I'm curious what your plans were for Iraq.

Edited by Zimmerman at 9/22/2004 5:47:31 PM