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Alright, lemme try again......
By:  Zimmerman (Orphaned)
Posted on: 09-22-2004 18:10.
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You're going to hear criticism regardless. Its just which side you fall on that changes your perspective of the criticism.

That said, much of the criticism is justified. We didn't do shit to prepare for Iraq after Saddam and we didn't do much of a job anticipating the magnitude of the complications an organized insurgent force would pose. But all that is under the bridge. There's nothing we can do now about what has already happened, spilled milk and all that.

NEXT. Lets ignore the election and pretend you and I are launching The Iraq scenario in Sim City 2005. We don't care about how we got where we are, we just have to get 1 million in the city's coffers by 2050. What do we do?

Lemme get back to you. I have to do some reading and get more familar with what GOOD is happening over there since all we hear about are the carbombings.

    Catfish flipped a coin and posted:
    It's one thing to jump in like Spork and just assume a one liner will make any criticism of the situation go away.

    Why are you hearing a lot of criticism about the conduct of this war? I think a lot is generated because Bush is maintaining a very strident "hold the course" attitude. The course is not working.

    Yeah, this situation is a pretty ugly knot and until we find a way to admit (either in public or through channels) that mistakes have been made it's going to get worse.