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When you are the leader of the free world........
By:  Spudknuckles (Mad Tinfoil Hatter; 1763)
Posted on: 09-25-2004 04:42.
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You should at least know a bit about the world you are trying to lead, don't ya think. Thinking that the world is just an extension of Texas in thought is very dangerous.

    Mr. Spork launched a war by saying:
    but seriously, does kicking ass at 'trivial persuit' indicate one is smart? I've always said that the reason why I excell at games like Trivial Persuit and Worst Case Scenario Survival Game is that I have sacrificed learning and remembering important stuff just to save room for all the useless crap that those games generally deal with. . .

    Mr. Spork

    I'm still waiting for Catfish to admit that he's a dolt. . .