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Ok so about personal attacks and such.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21148)
Posted on: 06-08-2005 00:11.
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I am not at all interested in hearing whining and bitching because I decide to warn one person at a particular point than another. This is little fucking kid shit with the "You yelled at me, why didn't you yell at him too!!!" I dispense with warnings against personal attacks just as a reminder you are going to far. If you take that personally or feel like you are being singled out, too bad. You are (mostly) adults, deal with it. Thus far I've never banned a regular for attacks and I don't plan to unless it gets really problematic.

When I think the attacks are going too far I'll do something about it, which may include warning one person. I do not take the time to go through the thread, find and rate every personal attack and perform an ANOVA test to determine who is most at fault or anything. I interject at the point I feel I first see a problem. I'm not at all interested in the childish "But he started it!" crap.

Now if you all want I'll start taking a real hard line with this stuff and comming down on people immediatly. However be advised: I will be the strictest with those that want it that way. If you demand that everyone be held to a high standard, you'd better meet that standard yourself.