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Is this about me calling your analysis of GM "ignorant"?.....
By:  Catfish (The Marxist currently known as Catfish; 47570)
Posted on: 06-08-2005 00:16.
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That was used in the technical sense and was accurate.

" Fending off such criticism, Wagoner outlined four priorities: increasing spending on new cars and trucks; clarifying the role of each of GM's eight brands; intensifying efforts to reduce costs and improve quality; and continuing to search for ways to reduce skyrocketing health-care expenses."

Clearly health care is critical to the issue and is something that should be factored in before the simple market economics 101.

Your thin skin can be part of the issue. I see Ubertroll can't handle himself in a flame war....ironic.

Edited by Catfish at 6/8/2005 12:20:58 AM