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Because some peopel get very angry and hurt.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21142)
Posted on: 06-08-2005 00:30.
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I mean some, UT being the best example, can go on in a shit-slinging match all day and be in a good mood. Others, who I'm not going to single out, get very angry and hurt and start crying to me, calling for bans, threatening to leave, etc. So I try to warn people when it looks liek it's getting mean.

Generally it's when people completely stop making posts and just go to one line personal attacks. That usually signals they are getting pissed and it needs to stop.

I dunno, maybe I should just back off, but that means for everyone. I thought that posting messages to watch it would be nice enough and hopefully help calm things down, but some people apparantly get hurt if I warn them and don't take the time to yell at everyone else they feel justified their attack.

However, I'll take your suggestion and back off on the attacks and let them go a bit more.