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The same thing happens usually over and over again Sy.....
By:  Zimphire (Orphaned)
Posted on: 06-08-2005 02:26.
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There are a few people in here with REAL big chips on their shoulders that do do things that would have gotten a perm ban not too long ago.

I think Wacky was just responding the way he was being treated.

And you have to take that into account.

This reminds me back over how MacNN used to work.

Trolls and flamers made the habit of going into threads to personally attack someone in a way they could get by with it, but knew said person would respond in a equally.

When that person would said attacker would go off on how that person needed to grow up, and stop derailing threads.

It worked for awhile, till the mods got smart of them flamers tactics.

Same thing pretty much goes on here.

For example take the anti-religious zealots. They will make some flaming post about religion, when someone religious responds back you'll usually see the original flamer going off on how that person is derailing the topic with their religious preaching etc, and how any further flames coming from them are deserved because of the preaching.

Which is far from the truth.

It happens in there alot.

I wont go into the "flame till the thread gets locked or moved" tactics in here because I am sure you are aware of them.

At least I hope.

oh and if you aren't going to go around telling EVERYONE that was apart to chill, you shouldn't tell ANYONE directly, and just make a general statement in said thread.

Edited by Zimphire at 6/8/2005 2:30:01 AM