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By:  Zimphire (Orphaned)
Posted on: 06-08-2005 04:23.
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    Kyle paid knowledgeworkers to transmit:
    We can be anti religious all we want.

Could you point out where I said otherwise?

    If I make a post about how silly someone does in the name of christianity you shouldnt reply back with nonsense.

LOL!!! What you consider nonsense may not be. Kyle, you can be anti-religious all you want.

Just like I can be PRO-religious all I want.

It's not one sided.

What I can getting from you is "I can bash religion all I want, but you better not reply with something I don't deem proper!"

Do you see how silly that is?

    Not that you CANT reply, but what you reply should take consideration.

Same thing to you bub.

If people can be all out anti-religious zealots in a hateful way, I can be a preaching Christian that provides the other side.

Don't want to hear it? Don't start it.

it's that simple.

AGAIN I am not complaining that religious bashing is going on. I can accept that.

What I AM complaining about is the one sidedness of it all.

You RARELY see me start religious threads. If ever.

But I have seen tons of anti-religious threads preaching "the word" in zealous hateful ways.

Yet, I am the one with the problem talking about religion.

Edited by Zimphire at 6/8/2005 4:28:42 AM