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That wasn't the deal sy........
By:  Zimphire (Orphaned)
Posted on: 06-08-2005 04:32.
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    Sycraft launched a war by saying:
    You are a big boy when it comes to arguing. Sometimes you dish out the attacks but you've never whined to me about what I or anyone else have said.

    I'm talking about how the personal attacks started flying between UT and such. I warned wacky, since his post was the first I saw where I felt the line really got crossed, and he and Kyle got all defensive. They are playing the little kid game as though I was a parent and I'm supposed to meter out even praise or punishment to everyone, and playing the "But he started it!" game.

    You aren't a problem in that regard. I'm tired of arguing with you, so I won't, but that's not related to this.

The thread reached "over the line" way before wacky made the insignificant "personal attack"

When someone is getting personally attacked like he was, making personal attacks back is usually the reply.

How do you stop this? Go after the people who usually make the personal attacks from the get go.

In other words, wacky may not have acted that way had he not been provoked.

And I don't even agree with what wacky said in said thread.