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I do not know of what you speak........
By:  UberTroll (Flame Warriors; 2119)
Posted on: 06-08-2005 07:52.
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Let's examine this little blow up rationally, and not keep talking about how you 'feel' about it... facts, although like Kryptonite to you, are generally helpful in examining a subject such as this.

I responded to a post that Wacky made on the main board (at the time) about GM laying off some workers...

My response was:

WTF does this have to do with suck-ass Apple changing their chips? [nt] - UberTroll, 6/7/2005 1:57:46 PM (Views: 6)

Correct me if I am wrong here, but despite the TLD changing, this is still IHateApple right?

For that comment the post gets modded down to unviewable status?

Hell, only 6 people even read the thing, and three of them voted against it!

Kyle -1
wacky -1
Zimphire -1

I know we are talking about the persecuted triad in action here, but seriously, are you kidding me?

You protecting the world from random drive by pot-shots taking by someone who posts as UBER (translates to over, above and superior), and TROLL (refers to a person who makes inflammatory or hostile comments, which by effect or design cause disruptions in discourse).

When was the last time that a post got moderated down around here to -3? Glad the world police stepped up and took care of this growing problem so fast!!

The overall point of the post was 'You are trying to change the subject away from your little kingdom crumbing before the might and power of the I LIKE TO MAKE LOVE TO MALE SHEEP machine!!!', but someone, and I am not going to name names on this one (Kyle, Wacky, Zim) decided that was just way too over the top and far to provocative to see the light of day by other moderately challenged individuals...

I mean, out of all my posts today, this was the one that offended your sensibilites enough to get moderated from view? Seriously?

I must be slacking...

I went on in that same thread to discuss the impact of the health program GM runs on the price of a car, the debt ratio of the company to profits based on spending on health care costs, and the reasons shareholders might have seen the cuts as positive incentive to believe the company is going to be more profitable in the future.

Was there a cogent or decent response from a singe one if you to the jist of the discussion?

Wacky's best response was about the fact that I possibly could have combined the three topics into a single post... sweet, more of a matter of opinion, but surely that is what you guys are best at.

Let me take a minute to explain how these threaded message boards work...

If you think of it as a conversation that can later be disected by the reader in a semblance of relevance, you need to reply to that particular issue being addressed in that same line of questioning. Posting a 'reply' on another branch of the thread can make conversations seem disjoined and not fluid to the reader at a later time.

If you prefer the 'chronological' ordering of responses, well there are other message boards out in the world that have indeed abandoned threaded conversation all together, but it has become very hard to pick out the 'next' response to any particular point in a conversation.

Therefore, it is in fact PREFERRED to break up your thoughts into specific sections and append them at the appropriate point in the conversation.

If you are starting a new line of questioning to the original comment, then you do so, and can draw on your own responses... as an example, you can view my negatively moderated thread as a direct reply to the orignial post that neither interrupted any of the previous respnses flow, or distracted from the content of the board.

In fact to my response, I asked a simple 'Why?' and you never even attempted to offer a response or justification why I should have made all those comments in a single post.

In fact, the warning in question was not even related to anything you said to me, but in your response to 'Herman' about his signiture!

fix your sig dumb ass, than you can point out "obvious" [nt] - wacky, 6/7/2005 4:10:00 PM

Now Kyle is trying to make some kind of case that my thoughts/facts about some of these issues 'caused' it?

"Kyle didnt get defensive until UberTroll started flaming me for no reason...... " -- Kyle

Don't ask me why he refers to himself in the third person here, but if you read most of his posts you will understand the disconnect from reality.

I believe there was NO interaction between myself and Kyle ANYWHERE in that thread before the moderation section... so I can only assume that Wacky got offended because Kyle and I were having a conversation in another thread about an unrelated topic?

Stop me anytime if I am wrong on any of these points...

Are you two lovers or something? Did I get in the middle of a little spat you had over who gets to be on top tonight?

If your sensibilites are so shallow that you cannot even keep separate two distinct discussions, well then I feel that you both have far more problems than Sy telling you to 'watch it' here.

Maybe getting & maintinaing a job that doesn't involve fries or upselling would be a good start.

I will just retouch quickly on my thread posted to all three of you earlier... when was the last time that you made a rational point, that can be supported by facts on this message board?

I will drift away again for a few days and see if you can modify your behavior enough to still make this occasional sparring fun, but right now this is like getting into an ass-kicking contest with a one-legged opponent.

UT 2k5