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By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21142)
Posted on: 06-08-2005 19:13.
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Guess what? I try and be consistent. If I fail, well too bad. We all see the world differently and I have nobody's judgement but my own to use. I feel that I have been perfectly consistent in metering out punishment in that I haven't. I've done nothing but warn people, sometimes in public, sometimes in private. These warnings aren't "Say one more thing and you are banned" they are just waringins I feel things are going too far.

If you are really so hungry for my approval that you feel I need to meter those out in exacting porportions then you have a problem, not me. This isn't kids hour here. I'd give you a point if I had actually banned or demoted soemone or anything like that but I haven't, though there's been times I was tempted.

At any rate I'm not interested if I meet your standard for fairness because frankly, I don't think you have a very balanced viewpoint. I do consult with the other admins and try and get different views on these things. However ultimattely, I cannot see the world through anyone's eyes but my own, and cannot judge it with any judgement but my own.

Now I am willing to conceede that perhaps I've been missing things. I don't pretend to read every mesaage, hence we are now going to have a reporting system. However that doesn't mean that if you hit report things will instantly be resolved the way you want. The admins will have a look at it (it's going to be designed for easier admin collabration) and we'll decide what, if anything to do.

As for the e-mail what does that matter? No it's not working, and never will be.