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Absolutely! You see, decalred intentions give everyone fair notice........
By:  UberTroll (Flame Warriors; 2119)
Posted on: 06-09-2005 18:10.
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If you were 'Zim the Flame Warrior'm you would inherently be granted certain expectaitons and slack accordingly I would think...

You would not be hiding behind some false pretense that you believ ethe shit you spew out, and in turn would be rewarded with the admiration and respect of the rest of the IHA community as I have.

It is a lonely but rightous path we few must follow on our path to unltimate enlightenment.

The saddest part about the overall scene on the internet is that in order to have a passional, and much more informational post, you have to tear down all the built in inhibitions to get people to share their feelings on a subject.

The anonymity of this medium should be liberating for you to share your feelings about the world openly, and harden those views with facts and review by other non-believers.

But alas, the PC-police such as yourself (I like to call them the religous right) always show up and ruin the punch.