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By:  Zimphire (Orphaned)
Posted on: 06-09-2005 21:05.
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    UberTroll launched a war by saying:
    You would not be hiding behind some false pretense that you believ ethe shit you spew out, and in turn would be rewarded with the admiration and respect of the rest of the IHA community as I have.

Pot, Kettle, Black...

Man that was comedy gold.

    But alas, the PC-police such as yourself (I like to call them the religous right) always show up and ruin the punch.

LAWL! You aren't paying attention again son. I was never complaining about anything anyone was saying.

Just the way Sy wasn't being consistent.

Pay attention next time please. If you'd spend more time paying attention, and less time foaming at the mouth, and posting verbal masturbation like you do, you'd be like a lot more in here.