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That is the image you seem to project.....
By:  Zimphire (Orphaned)
Posted on: 06-10-2005 01:19.
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    UberTroll scribbled on a napkin:
    You are the biggest whiner I have ever met in my life...

So me making fun of you is now whining too.

    I post a couple of not trivial posts about how you should lighten up, take life a little less seriously, and get laid, and all you can come up with is some theory about how I am all worked up?

Yes, you spazzed out in this thread. Yes you indeed did.

    You ARE the one-legged guy in the ass kicking contest, and believe me you take no effort at all to swat at.

Wow, you must get alot of exercise pounding your chest like that all day.

    You have a rare talent of completely ignoring subtle ironic references in my posting style that most others clearly see as comedy, but look out for the day when you figured out that I just like to stir things up!

Yes, this is the excuse most spazes use to try to justify them acting like spazes.

"I am just stirring things up, calm down, sheesh.. "

but anytime anyone busts your balls like I am doing, you throw a fit like you are now.

    If I wanted to be anything like you, I would pour a bag of sand in my vagina, and go buy a 386 for $8 grand and slap some stupid fruit sticker on it... I am sure I could find 12 other people to tell me how great the system is that got similarly ripped off, and we could all sit around talking about our little community of 'like minded' clones.

And this is where you start verbally masturbating again I guess.

BTW do you kiss your mom with that mouth?

    I could probably link at least 10 posts from you in the alst few days about how people shoudl moderate posts, how they do moderate posts, or reasons why they should. Probably another 10 complaining to Sy about how unfair your life is

How unfair my life is? Really stop making things up. And sy doesn't need you to be his little lap dog barking at the heels of the people walking by.

He's a big boy. He can take care of himself.

    (nothing he can do about you having two fathers... it is their lifestyle choice), and why you can't understand logic and reason, so others should protect you from it at all costs.

Oh wow, now here comes the fag jokes.

Quick someone give me a phone, I need to call Andrew Dice Clay and tell him someone has ripped off his 80s schtick.

    And correct me if I am wrong, but you modded down my one line post that started this whole thing in the first place.

Oh so you agree your post started this all. At least you aren't in denial that badly.

    If you have the nuts, just stand up, be a man and admit you were wrong in the first place.

Wrong? Wrong about what? Your going off your gourd now.

    You can't, and your only recourse to my original post was to hide it from others.

\Hide your original post from others?

It wasn't even about me.

Stop being silly.