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Pure comedy.. not one worthy response from you, just more of the same non-answers........
By:  UberTroll (Flame Warriors; 2119)
Posted on: 06-11-2005 10:12.
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I mean, not one worthy retort in the whole post? no refuting any part?

I expect more from a sparring partner.

If you are just going to sit there and take it, well more power to ya...

But if you want to get back to the questions/points that I asked, and start actually answering them, well then go ahead.

Have any input at all? or were you never able to find a single fact to back up the shit you were spewing?

You seem to be very confused about a few things... nothing was modded down in this conversation at all.

If you are referencing your inability to separate two distinct and separate events in your life, well then yes by all means keep going, but here, were were discussing the layoffs at GM.

Well, I was at least... a very one sided conversation.

If you have no facts to offer, or even worthy discussion points on the topic, then I see no reason whatsoever to even consider you a participant in the discussion.

You have no grasp of the economic situation that company faces, and without changes there will be 1.1 million unemplyed people due to the actions of the Unions.

I shed not one single tear for those that are laid off by the actions of the greedy unions.

Obviously throwing a few jabs your way got you so upset that you completely are unable to continue the conversation.

I can understand that given your inability to even post legitimate opinion on the topic.

Pick any topic... ANY, and I will pick which side I will argue for/against.

If you would rather I pick the topic, and you choose the position, then I will do that.

So far you are a mental midget, unable to provide proof to support your position on virtually any topic, and you fire off whiny complaints to Sy about how persecuted you are at almost every turn.

If your life is so pathetic, why not just ask mom if you can go back in the basement and hide for a while.

Either that, or step up to the plate and have a conversation on the topic.

In case you missed it (which I am pretty sure you did), contribute to continue the conversation, or step back and accept your verbal beating.

You can go back to what you do best... telling everyone how unfair you are treated, telling others how you feel about subjects you are not qualified to comment on, and just being the overall whiny bitch of the board.