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I have a serious Obama crush?.....
By:  JJJ (Moderators; 8176)
Posted on: 12-29-2008 18:22.
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I've barely opined at all on Obama in this forum. I tend not to chime in on political threads because they generally devolve into partisan pissing matches. I happen to admire the symbolism of voting an African American into the highest office, and I would have preferred a trained monkey over what we have now. Of course, if you really don't care since there's nothing you can do about, why the constant sniping and namecalling at the future president?

My opinion of Sarah Palin does not differ at all from that of my Republican roommate. And Caroline Kennedy is not in the running for a position to, um, run the Senate, as Sarah Palin would say, or be next in line for the presidency behind a septuagenarian.

    tenneck flipped a coin and posted:
    ...I could point to any number of negative posts I've made in here about dozens of Republicans and how I'd like to see them out of office. Haven't seen one yet from you about how Princess Caroline of You Know is going to get anointed Senator with far less experience than that dumb-ass Palin.

    On the other point, you have to either be willfully ignorant or naive as hell if you don't think Obama is waist deep in Chicago political corruption. The Daley's have run Chicago for decades. If you are going to get a job from the Daley's you know very well what you are getting into.

    What do I care, seriously. Guys in office, nothing I can do about it. I'll just go about my business. But, I will be around to point out that you all have a serious case of Palin Derangement Syndrome and serious Obama man-crushes.