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dunno what you're complaining about.....
By:  Evilbert (Professor Emeritus of the Pork-swords.; 4444)
Posted on: 01-05-2009 02:56.
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if they're matching your contributions dollar for dollar then you're automatically making a 100% gain. So even with the market tanking, you're still coming out well ahead.

And of course you have an option. You have the option of telling them to stick their job up their ass and going to work somewhere else. You can still take you're retirement fun with you, right? Sue them if they don't let you - that'd be theft.

    Sycraft imparted these words:
    About 10% of my pay is taken (they match dollar for dollar) for the state retirement system. If the market goes to shit, our fund takes a hit, and they increase the amount we have to pay. So the economy is down, but you have to pay out more. Kinda sucks.

    Not optional either. I can't say "Nah I don't want to participate, let me keep the money." Can't tell them how it's invested either. They take it, they do with it as they will, and that's that.