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Exactly Glenn... you would think America would know how this goes better than anyone.....
By:  UberTroll (Flame Warriors; 2119)
Posted on: 01-23-2009 20:01.
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Make some new rules and play the game the way you want to rather than letting the enemy pick how he wants to fight.

The liberal side here wants a 'fair' fight, that has rules... and all this goes back to an interpretation of the Geneva Convention and who is covered.

Fact is we had this guy, and apprently didn't have enough to 'hold him' based on what they now want to have a little court house drama unfold to keep everyone happy.

So we let him go to shut everyone the hell up and now he is out plotting to kill people.

I am sure the new people he kills really appreciate the people of America looking out for this guy's best interests.

We should have just strung him up or shot him.