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You are the leading cheerleader for this crap........
By:  UberTroll (Flame Warriors; 2119)
Posted on: 01-23-2009 20:32.
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This is your boy... anybody but Bush. You asked for it, and you got this one... might as well tie a rope around your waist with him because he is yours.

I already love your new found fire and brimstone approach to the posts I make, reminds me of the old days when I used to smack your stupid statement and positions around regularly.

Facts are, that even Obama knows that half to 75% of the crap he spewed in the election will never happen, and that we are going to keep shooting missles into houses from drones if we think there are bad people there... nothing 'real' is going to change for a while.

As for Guantanamo... he makes this call before he has any real information.

Thankfully, all that will really happen is the facility that is the focus of the terrorist nation will actually no longer be there, and they will win this round if even in just the propaganda war. They win...

Sure most of the prisoners will not be released, but some of them will, and the reason is that it is just because of the stupid media circus that all the asshats were whining about how it was 'wrong'.

Fucking terrorists don't deserve our sympahty or anything but our best aim.

And if we have to throw a few rules out the window to kill them, then i am all for it... I don't remember them checking their weapons at the metal detector on 9/11.